Back on the horse: growing onions & peppers from seed

Having had limited success starting onions and peppers from seed, I regrouped and got a good start on both this year. We rigged up some grow lights on a rickety old utility shelf in our otherwise dark and inhospitable basement, and I planted seeds early, putting in four varieties of onions and five varieties ofContinue reading “Back on the horse: growing onions & peppers from seed”

Further adventures with naked seeded pumpkin

The naked seeded pumpkin experiment continued this week with attempts at pumpkin gnocchi and seed saving (click here to read my last pumpkin post). We came across a recipe for pumpkin gnocchi in Amy Jo Ehman’s wonderful local eating resource Prairie Feast: A writer’s journey home for dinner, and since gnocchi is (in my experience)Continue reading “Further adventures with naked seeded pumpkin”

Naked-seeded pumpkin success…sort of

As a kid, my mom would scrape out the seeds from a pumpkin (usually a Jack O’Lantern) and bake and season them for a snack. As an adult I discovered the kind of pumpkin seeds you can buy in the store, and started adding them to all manner of things: on top of salads, inContinue reading “Naked-seeded pumpkin success…sort of”

Snuggling up with my seed catalogues

It’s chilly outside today, as it should be in January in Saskatchewan. But I’ve got my mind on the warm days of summer, when my garden will be growing and I’ll be seeking shade and an ice cold lemonade. I’m already pouring over seed catalogues, dreaming about favourites from last year and new varieties toContinue reading “Snuggling up with my seed catalogues”