The Frugal Gardener (debrief)!

So The Frugal Gardener took place this past Saturday, and it was such a fascinating experience that I thought I would share another short reflection about the process. The workshop was, overall, a great success. The feedback I received from the participants was positive, and the energy and discussion that arose from the group wasContinue reading “The Frugal Gardener (debrief)!”

On non-monetary exchange & doing business without cash

As I gear up for this Saturday’s The Frugal Gardener: Growing food for (next to) nothing, I find myself fascinated by the experiment of attempting to operate a portion of my business without relying on cash in exchange for my services. Ever since I started Root & Branch at the beginning of 2012, I’ve offeredContinue reading “On non-monetary exchange & doing business without cash”