Community Food Assessment Project Researcher Job Posting

Job Posting: Community Food Assessment Project Researcher

The Community Food Assessment (CFA) is a participatory and collaborative process to examine a broad range of food-related issues and resources in the city of Regina, for the purposes of informing actions to improve community food security. CFAs have been undertaken by many communities across Canada and internationally for the purposes of analyzing existing community assets, identifying gaps, and developing strategic action plans to improve community food security across all sectors of the food system, including production, processing, distribution, access, consumption and food waste recovery.

Project Researcher Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the project’s Faculty Co-advisors, the CFA Project Researcher is responsible for completing the initial phase of the Community Food Assessment, the Environmental Scan. The Environmental Scan is a comprehensive overview of existing research to define the economic, social, environmental, cultural, demographic, and policy variables (specific to Regina) as they relate to community food security.

The Project Researcher will:

  • †Review and compile existing literature and data (including existing reports, census data, population health data, mapping, etc.) to create a comprehensive context for Regina’s food system;
  • Identify gaps in existing research to help guide subsequent phases of the Community Food Assessment;
  • †As time allows, create/update an inventory of existing services and resources related to the local food system;
  • †As time allows, provide support to Project Coordinator in conducting stakeholder surveys and interviews.

Qualifications: The successful candidate will have strong research skills, including experience conducting literature reviews, reviewing census and other population data. Experience conducting and transcribing interviews is preferred. Other required skills include strong written communication skills, the ability to work independently, good interpersonal skills and excellent computer skills.

Schedule: Negotiable (10-35 hours per week, starting as soon as possible)

Salary: $3,000 total contract (to a maximum of 200 hours of work)

To apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to the CFA Steering Committee, c/o Nikko Snyder, at Deadline is Tuesday December 4, 2012 at 5 pm.

For more information about Community Food Assessments, CLICK HERE!

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