Celebrating World Food Day!

I’m heading up to Saskatoon this Sunday (October 14) to celebrate World Food Day (officially not until October 16) at a Saskatchewan Female Food Hero event organized by Oxfam Canada. The event will involve storytelling sessions by several of Saskatchewan’s Female Food Heroes (including me!).

This is going to be a wonderful way to Celebrate World Day and meet other Saskatchewanians who are working hard on food issues! If you’re in Saskatoon, come out!

WHEN: Sunday October 14, 2-4 pm
WHERE: Station 20 West, 230 Avenue R South, Saskatoon

Our Female Food Heroes are women who are working to build a movement for good food – food that is grown well and shared fairly:

Nancy Allan, Alanna Howell, Cathy Holtslander, Saba Keleta, Marcella Pedersen, Priscilla Settee, Nikko Snyder, And representatives from CHEP’s food work.

Join us to hear their stories and discuss what it means to be part of the movement for a just and sustainable food system.

Hosted by:
CHEP Good Food Inc, Engineers Without Borders, Heifer International Canada
Oxfam Canada, Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre

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